80m superyacht Aegir 2.0 by Tillberg Design of Sweden conceived to be the yacht with lowest possible environmental footprint

Aegir 2.0 is the name of the wind-powered trimaran designed by TDoS which is an upgraded version of the Aegir, which was launched in 2019. The luxurious sailing yacht with green technology will make her the cleanest possible superyacht to date.

“Aegir 2.0 is designed to offer unparalleled luxury with the lowest possible environmental footprint,” says TDoS Partner and yacht director Daniel Nerhagen.

The trimaran hull was chosen to prevent heeling, contain a stable platform and provide more generous deck space compared to traditional sailing yachts. By combining excellent hydronics with a hybrid wind-electric hybrid propulsion system that re-charges the batteries when under sail, the Aegir 2.0 has a virtually infinite range.

With an infinity pool in the aft and a Jacuzzi in the fore, the pool deck becomes the main platform for recreation. The seamless indoor-to-outdoor transition is enhanced by the grand panoramic glass walls surrounding the lounge and dining area. Offering guests an unobstructed sea view, the sky deck above is an open-air viewing platform with bar and lounge seating that adds to the unique outdoor experience. The exterior design is characterized by the black “wing” that connects the generous, extended open decks with the trimaran pontoons. The Scandinavian-style clean and sleek hull lines serve as a base for the grand DynaRig.

The interior of Aegir 2.0 is defined by the combination of functionality and attention to detail with pure Scandinavian minimalism. Subtle colours matched with organic and light natural materials enhance the elegance of the ship. Aegir provides spacious rooms with generous light openings, offering a perfect home-away-from-home world where guests enjoy life both ashore and at sea.