288M Project Njord: DIV Shipbuilding and Ocean Residents Development Ltd explain the project and give an update about construction

It wouldn’t be appropriate to call this 281.8 metre project “yacht”, comparing it to the largest yachts of the sector. NJORD is something different, is a vessl built for the yachting community with a scientific purpose. The vessel will be in fact equipped to undertake scientific and oceanographic research during its annual circumnavigation of the globe. Supporting a range of philanthropic missions, charities and causes, Njord will collect environmental and marine data from around the world which will be made available to international research laboratories. With delivery date estimated in 2024, DIV Shipbuilding will build this vessel with Ocean Residences offering 118 apartments spreading across 116 to 800 square metres and available in 20 different configurations. NJORD will feature a total of 12 decks, a beam of 33.5 metres and a massive 81,000GT interior.

Designed to maximise privacy, comfort and security, each apartment will feature a living room with sea views and access to open terraces. Owners will be able to customise their apartments as they please, choosing furnishings and decoration to their own tastes.

Following the completion of the conceptual design and engineering stages, Ocean Residences Development Ltd. (ORD) have taken a momentous step forward in the next stages of the much-anticipated development of M/Y NJORD. Ocean Residents Development Ltd is a company specializing in integrated real estate and ocean living, state-of-the-art ship designs, high-end ocean living concepts, purposeful lifestyle communities and long-lasting legacies.

M/Y NJORD has been meticulously designed by a team of naval architects, engineers and designers, led by Jean-Louis Stutzmann, the chief designer and a highly regarded interior designer with an extensive career in ocean liner, yacht and luxury residential design. Working alongside him is Espen Øino International and Foreship Oy, a leading naval architectural firm based in Finland.

M/Y NJORD will be built to the highest environmental specification using cutting-edge propulsions and battery technology to significantly reduce emissions and to include the use of sustainable materials. M/Y NJORD’s designers have incorporated a professional oceanographic and atmospheric research laboratory containing sophisticated monitoring equipment, which will constantly gather vital data from the environment for the benefit of the scientific community.

Equipment will make use of AI and include 3D scanners, remote drones and an observatory with a self-levelling, gyroscopically stabilised telescope and retractable sliding glass roof. Throughout M/Y NJORD’s annual circumnavigation of the globe, scientists and experts will research the changing environment, record sea and air conditions and map the ocean floor. All this information will be made available to further humankind’s understanding of our planet’s oceanic secrets. Residents will be united in a philanthropic quest, to create positive change where it matters most whilst exploring the planet and giving something back.

Tomislav Debeljak, Chairman and CEO, DIV Group, Kristian Stensby, Chairman and CEO of Ocean Residences Development Ltd., Zoran Kunkera, CBO, DIV Shipbuilding

DIV Shipbuilding is the company which owns Kleven Verft shipyard in Norway and Brodosplit shipyard in Croatia, and is the company responsible for M/Y NJORD, with both shipyards working on the construction of this unique “residential yacht” of spectacular size, more than 290 meters in length. Brodosplit will be responsible for the majority of the steel construction of the hull as well as a significant proportion of the technical installations. The hull will then be towed to Kleven Verft in Norway to complete the technical installations and carry out the interior fit-out ready for delivery in 2024.

“My company is truly honored to be involved in the construction of this magnificent private yacht, initiated by Ocean Residences Development Ltd. All employees of DIV Shipbuilding at both our shipyards Brodosplit and Kleven are proud to partner of and work on this generational project,” says Tomislav Debeljak, Chairman and CEO. Mr. Debeljak continues: “In these changing times I am pleased to confirm that we have the full support of the governments of both Croatia and Norway who share our enthusiasm for this important project as it is expected to generate employment for thousands of highly skilled people in the years to come, from welders to engineers and many other disciplines in between.”

The Chairman and CEO of Ocean Residences Development Ltd., Kristian Stensby says: “I am delighted to confirm the signing of an agreement between our company and the DIV Shipbuilding. The DIV Shipbuilding has been appointed as the official shipyard to carry out the construction of M/Y NJORD, an iconic residential yacht, comprising 118 exquisitely appointed residences which will create one of the most philanthropic communities in the world.” Mr. Stensby continues: “This milestone represents the next exciting chapter in M/Y NJORD’s development, as the project transitions from drawing board to construction. The DIV Shipbuilding is a world-class yacht and ship constructor with a reputation for completing highly sophisticated superyachts, passenger ships and other high-specification, purpose-built vessels. As a proud Norwegian from a nation with a historic shipbuilding tradition and with deep roots in the passenger ship industry, I’m delighted to have the support and involvement of several Norwegian companies including the Norwegian Maritime Authority as the yacht will fly the NIS flag”.

“Almost the entire industry and community surrounding both shipyards, rely on the maritime sector”, explains Zoran Kunkera, the DIV Shipbuilding’s forward-thinking CBO. “The work on the design and construction of M/Y NJORD will benefit thousands of local families by creating more than five million working hours. In addition, it will strongly contribute to the further improvement of research and innovation of maritime activities in Croatia and Norway, as well as improving the scientific and technological potential in schools and colleges. Furthermore, Ocean Residences Development have established, as central to their vision, the desire to construct one of the most technically advanced vessels in the industry that will push the outer limits in terms of sustainability, technical innovation and emissions standards. A vision that is perfectly suited to the talent we have in both Norway and in Croatia”.

Helge Hermundsgard of DNV GL Norway, the world’s leading classification society and advisor for the maritime industry says “M/Y NJORD will be a vessel designed to meet the strictest environmental regulations both at delivery and for the future. The vessel will be powered by state of the art dual fuel engines, with tank capacity for MGO and LNG, batteries for hybridization, heat recovery systems, and advanced power management systems. To ensure that the vessel is future proof, the engines and fuel tanks will be ready for easy conversion, to take advantage of future fuels with lower or neutral carbon footprint”.