100m “Pam De Glam” concept | Feadship (Episode 3)

Episode 3: “As cozy as a chic CHALET”

(continued from Superyacht Digest, Issue of April 2018)

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y experiential journey into the magical world of yacht design continues with Feadship. We have now reached the fifth design session which we had the chance to undertake during the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show. Together with Tanno Weeda, senior designer at Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects, we have now developed all of the interior spaces in detail.

The project provides a very special guest-area layout. This is, in fact, developed across two levels (double-deck: main deck+lower deck), from the centre of the ship towards the bow. There are eight cabins in total which occupy an area of about 50 square meters each, divided into two levels/floors. Each cabin is accessible from level one and slightly above the level of the main deck.

(Guest Cabin) 1ST Floor – Level: lower deck – Style: Chalet Room – Features: Lounge area, Walk-In Wardrobe, Fireplace, Connecting door, Floor-to-ceiling windows from 1st to 2nd floor

Entering each cabin you are welcomed into a lounge furnished with sofas, armchairs and a comfortable and spacious walk-in wardrobe. Each cabin on this floor has a fireplace, a TV and a particularity that distinguishes it from the others: a chessboard, a game table, a globe, a carillon, a collection of books, a piano, a turntable. All these objects are ancient, sought after, precious; true rarities from different parts of the world.

(Guest Cabin) 2ND Floor – Level: main deck – Style: Chalet Room – Features: Sleeping area, bathtub and bathroom

The most noteworthy feature of these guest areas is the possibility of having all 4 + 4 guest cabins communicating with each other at this level, whenever desired. The lounge areas are, in fact, all furnished to be enjoyed as living areas, once the communicating doors have been left open: they create a spacious hall that can be walked through from the first to the last cabin. A different way to imagine a late afternoon or an evening in the company of other guests, chatting or playing cards, listening to music or having fun with children in a more private and discreet way, away from the crew and those guests who prefer to spend the evening in a less quiet way, perhaps organizing parties with DJ sets.

The second floor of each cabin is connected via a dedicated internal staircase. The idea of this is to give guests the warmth of a mountain chalet, allowing them to live in ultimate comfort and surrounded by a feeling of natural well-being. The sleeping area on the second floor has a double bed in all the cabins, facing a large oval tub, free standing and of a high-quality design, positioned on a raised platform of two steps. The bathroom is separated by an irregular, wavy, glass wall. The upper level is created as a sort of balcony on the lower lounge. This layout includes a distinctive single window which starts from the floor of the lower level and reaches the ceiling of the upper floor (sleeping area).

Pam De Glam is a decidedly feminine boat, with highly sophisticated interiors, details and complex ornaments. The contemporary design mixes the colours, fabrics and materials from the most prestigious brands in the luxury furnishing sector. The mosaic is an important element, which occurs in both the exteriors (the swimming pool) and in the interiors (the bathrooms and hammams).

The bathtubs found in the guest cabins have a circular or oval shape, all feature a refined design in wood or marble and are positioned on a raised platform above the bed. The walls are warm, covered with fabric and wood, and enriched with numerous curtains. The fireplace area that furnishes the entrance lounge of each cabin is in line with the style of the cabin. The guest cabins have their own personalities: predominantly contemporary, with small classic, baroque attitudes and a shy kitch accent which is revealed in small details – ornately and extravagently decorated armchairs, shaped like a rose, a crown or a heart. The floors of the guest cabins are made of wood with inlays that recall the same – but more complicated – design of the ceilings which are also made of wood.

The stairs (or steps) of the cabins are covered in leather and, along the wall that runs through the staircase, you find decoration that narrates the style, the character and the personality of each cabin.

The cabins also have small wooden figures that live inside the rooms, scattered in the most strategic corners and add a touch of fantasy to the design that leaves guests surprised and intrigued.

The large double windows that stretch from the lower floor to the second floor of the cabin are a real natural cinema showcasing the beauty and grandeur of the ocean.

All guest cabins are double with the possibility of a third bed in the lounge area on the lower level. The chic environments are designed to create the atmosphere of an elegant and comfortable suite, aiming to make guests feel comfortable and let them enjoy complete relaxation.

Fabrics play an important role and contribute to making the environment even more welcoming and enveloping: velvets, furs, leather, silk, wools alternate in furnishings, upholstery, curtains, furnishing accessories and linens.

A little bit animal. Whether it is in leopard, in crocodile skin or ermine or chinchilla fur, Pam De Glam has a preference for furnishing accessories with strong personalities.

Article published in the January Issue 2019: