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The three pillars of the new Feadship Refit & Services strategy

Feadship has announced the formation of a globally operating company called Feadship Refit & Services, which will be responsible for implementing Feadship’s new customer support strategy referred to as: “My Feadship”. Combining all the services previously offered by the individual Feadship yards, the My Feadship programme is arranged around three pillarsFeadship Rebuild (major refits in the Netherlands), the Feadship Services Network (a partnership with four leading yards in the Med and US) and the Feadship Authentication Certificate (quality standard for new builds and existing Feadships).

The new company has been established to protect the pedigree of the Feadship fleet and meet the growing demands for Feadship expertise among clients keen to protect the unique DNA of their Feadship. Feadship has launched well over 450 superyachts during its long and distinguished history. The refit, repair, service and after-sales activities have traditionally been in the hands of teams from the three Feadship yards in the Netherlands (Aalsmeer, Kaag and Makkum) and the refit design and engineering operations run by Feadship De Voogt Naval Architects. Feadship Refit & Services combines all these activities and will also incorporate the fourth Feadship yard in Amsterdam when it opens in May 2019.

“The setting up of this new company reflects our commitment to all Feadship owners who wish to safeguard their yacht’s Feadship brand status,” explains Pier Posthuma de Boer, director of Feadship Refit & Services. “We are offering a full suite of services that guarantee a Feadship’s essence is maintained throughout her life. There are distinctive benefits in terms of quality and resale value of having a Feadship maintained and, when desired, refitted or rebuilt by Feadship. We will also oversee all after-sales activities, providing a premium service worldwide regardless of which yard built the Feadship. An annual support package offering training for the crew is also available.”

No place like home

The first pillar of the new organisation is Feadship Rebuild, reflecting the fact that the number one location to have a major refit carried out is always at the Feadship yards in the Netherlands. “However, much support we provide to other shipyards, the best way to ensure Feadship quality and reliability is at one of the three – soon-to-be four – Feadship yards,” adds Posthuma de Boer. “Whether you wish to rebuild the engine room, have an extension or install a new interior, there’s no place like the home yards, where the obsessive perfection to detail of the Feadship craftsmen secures the uniquity of a Feadship.”

Partners in quality

Should it not be possible logistically to sail a Feadship to the Netherlands, or when refit activities are not invasive enough to justify the trip, owners can turn to the new Feadship Services Network. This will also be the first port of call for Feadship-approved maintenance, repair and warranty work. “It is a shame when the finest superyachts are serviced in a sub-optimal way that undermines their original brand value,” says Posthuma de Boer.

“This reorganisation of Feadship activities carried out in yards abroad means captains will know where to go for annual service and maintenance activities.”

The Feadship yards have long been sending out teams to supervise warranty and repair activities elsewhere, and this support has also been extended to refits in recent years. The new setup will be a more structural arrangement with four Feadship network partners, namely Amico & Co in Italy, Monaco Marine in France, MB92 in Spain and Rybovich in the United States. “These yards have been chosen because of their excellent reputation and the fact that Feadship has successfully worked with them on previous Feadship refit and maintenance projects,” adds Posthuma de Boer. “They are all leaders in their part of the world and teams from the Feadship yards in the Netherlands will work closely together with Amico & Co, Monaco Marine, MB92 and Rybovich to ensure owners the best possible service.”

Is your Feadship still a Feadship?

This new network also enables Feadship to introduce the third pillar of Feadship Refit & Services, an industry-first system that provides recognition for Feadships maintained to the premium standard required. The Feadship Authentication Certificate is divided into two models. New builds will be given a certificate at launch and documentation that can be regularly updated after maintenance & service activities have been carried out at the network yards and the quality levels are Feadship approved. Feadships already launched can invite a survey team to inspect and confirm that the Feadship standard has been met over recent years.

“This official stamp of approval will have obvious implications for later resale value and also give a guarantee to buyers of pre-owned Feadships that they are investing in true brand value,” concludes Posthuma de Boer. “People buy – and charter – Feadships because they know that they are the best and it is only right that they can be certain they are enjoying the standard and comfort levels to which the yacht was originally launched.”

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