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BASELWORLD 2017, March 23-30

Immerse yourself in the exclusive world of watches and jewellery at Baselworld

In one month from today, the new creations and innovations of the global watch and jewellery industry will be exclusively presented to the world at Baselworld 2017. Renowned as the one unmissable annual show for this multifaceted industry, Baselworld is gearing-up to welcome all the key players, from the world’s best-known brands, over renowned and prestigious buyers through to the international press. This unique show is the only one that unites the entire industry under one roof as all the world-class players are represented in Baselworld. It has earned its reputation as the global trendsetting show, as the place to be to witness history in the making. Baselworld goes live on March 23, and will run until March 30, 2017!

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